Frequently Asked Questions


What is GPS?

Global Positioning System or GPS is a satellite navigation system for determining the position of objects, their speed and direction. The system consists of 24 satellites in stationary orbit around the Earth.

Is there a limit on the GPS coverage?

Limitations in GPS coverage is where the vehicle is located in the tunnels, garages and other enclosed spaces.

What is GPRS?

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a technology for data transmission via GSM network. this technology provides connectivity to the Internet tracking devices.

Does the GPS device affect the normal operation of the vehicle?

GPS does not affect normal operation of the vehicle.

Why the way of the  moving objects is not exactly as the way shown on a map? What is the accuracy of GPS devices?

Way of the objects did not coincide with the path shown on a map because GPS has limited accuracy. It depends on the location (Geographic latitude and longitude), number of satellites (minimum 3) speed and the conditions in the ionosphere. In the presence of ideal conditions (sunny, bright, open space, no tall buildings and forests) accuracy can be from 3 to 5 meters. On the other side of the road map are not always precisely defined or have not included or new sections.

Can GPS system  SLEDA  work in places where there is no GSM network?

At present it is not possible! GSM network is required to send data from the vehicle to the dispatch center. In the near future, the system may be used in countries with CDMA network. For more information see section> Coverage

How do I know where you are located, if not send data via GPRS?

You can send your inquiry to the SIM card number and receive SMS with the latest coordinates, speed and fuel level.

Why is it impossible to establish the position of the object at a present moment ?

In some cases you can not receive location information of the object because it is outside GSM coverage on your operator (eg rare location, mountains, seas, dense forests or abroad in the absence of activated roaming.)

Which vehicle parameters are monitored by the GPS device?

1. For real-time monitoring:

- Geographical parameters

- Whether the vehicle is in motion or stopped

- On / off contact

- Speed

- Direction of travel

- momentary fuel consumption (in meter installed)

- Temperature in cold rooms (with mounted temperature sensors)

- a guide (if contactless reader).

2. In off line mode (history of the movement)
2.1 For each point of the following:
- Location, date and time
- Whether the vehicle is in motion or stopped
- On / off contact
- Speed
- Direction of travel
- Momentary fuel consumption (in meter installed)
- Temperature in cold stores (with mounted temperature sensors)

2.2 Itinerary - a summary of the selected period
- Mileage, time of movement / work and residence
- Downtime (duration, location, date and time), movement (duration, distance traveled, average and max. speed)
- Information on objects defined by customer - at work/ movement within the site and off- site.

Requirements for the PC
The software platform "SLEDA" can be used by any computer connected to the Internet, with at least 1 GB RAM memory and 1 GB of free space. Internet connection must not be less than 2Mbps, otherwise viewing maps will be too slow.

Should i have a special software?
“SLEDA “tracking system has two versions - PC or web. They can be used independently of one another, each has its advantages! 

What speed is required from the Internet?
To be transmitted without delay visible graphical information, is good to have at least 1 Mbps!


Does work system "SLEDA" work non stop?
Yes, the system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , whole year without interruption.


How does   the driver know  when the GPS / GSM device is working ?
If the driver has access to the device, it can decide on the front panel display if there is GPS coverage and whether the data transmission via GPRS channels to any of the operators.

What happens to the car's GPS device, if we have loss of GSM coverage?
GPS / GSM device to the vehicle will store the data and send them as soon as GSM / GPRS coverage is restored. The device is equipped with large memory - from 60,000 to 100,000 positions, which in most cases can store information for months if necessary.

Does the system  "SLEDA" develop ?
Electroninvest continuously improves the platform "SLEDA". All software enhancements are automatically available to customers.

What maps  does the system "SLEDA" use?
The software works with vector and raster - Open street ensemble which allows to have detailed coverage for most worlds regions .Also, we may use a customer map.

Can I use the platform "SLEDA" at more than one job simultaneously by multiple users?
Yes - it is possible! Enough is to  have been given access to the system!

How many user passwords can a company use ?
In general, the software is set up to 10 users per company. When needed can make a change.

Can I have access to the "SLEDA" from anywhere in the world?
Yes! You must have a computer or smartphone and a good Internet!

Are there any additional payments for specific reports and alarms?
If the requested information sheets and will benefit other users, the changes are free!

Can I receive daily updates in the summary of the previous day?
Yes! Usually this happens in the morning 8.00 am as stated by your email.
If need be changed.

Do  I have access to the archive of courses on my fleet?
Our system "SLEDA" keep records for the last 6 months. If we have a further arrangement, the period can be changed!